Capital Projects

LAVWMA FY 2023/24 Capital Projects

FY2023/24 Capital Program Expenditures
Project Description Cost
Purchase three new pumps and rebuild two associated motors. This project has been delayed from FYE22 and FYE23.The costs include $357,000 for the new pumps, rebuilding two motors, engineering services, and DSRSD staff time to remove the old pumps and install the new pumps and rebuilt motors. The projected delivery date for the new pumps is July 31, 2023 $510,000
San Leandro Sample Station (SLSS) Design Improvements This project has evolved from what was described for last year’s budget and is being carried over. It also now includes:

1.     24-inch flow control valve

2.     20-inch flow control valve

3.     Two 30-inch flow meters

4.     Two chlorine residual analyzers

5.     Miscellaneous piping and fittings to accommodate different pipe sizes

6.     Improvements to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), networking and programming

The SLSS station has to be designed to measure chlorine residual and monitor pH continuously. These parameters have to be measured both when effluent is going to EBDA and when effluent is dechlorinated and diverted to San Lorenzo Creek during wet weather events or during system testing. Composite samples of LAVWMA’s effluent need to be taken when its directed to both EBDA and San Lorenzo Creek. Grab samples of LAVWMAs Effluent also need to be collected for Bacteriological analysis in both situations. The design of the SLSS is complicated by the following factors: 1) The discharge to San Lorenzo Creek wet weather outfall is rare; 2) During normal daily operations the LAVWMA pumps shut off during peak demand periods and therefore the pipeline is not full during those times; 3) The station is not staffed continuously. The goal of this project is to work with operational staff and the RWQCB to design the station to meet operational, maintenance and regulatory expectations in a manner which creates as little day to day maintenance as possible. The project will now also address probable sea level rise at the discharge point and provide a design to ensure discharge will always be possible. Approximately $135,000 has been spent on design through the end of the fiscal year. The bid packet is scheduled to be issued in May 2023.

Cathodic Protection Projects This project is being carried over from FYE23. Treated wastewater is conveyed from the LAVWMA Pump Station to an outfall owned by the East Bay Discharges Authority via the LAVWMA export pipeline. The export pipelines range in size from 24 to 36‐inches in diameter and span approximately 15.6 miles.  The pipelines are cathodically protected using an impressed current system, which uses a rectifier and anodes buried in the ground. The project consists of improvements to the cathodic protection system, including but not limited to, repairs to the existing impressed current system, installation of additional test stations, bonding repairs to rectify electrical discontinuities, and the installation of monitoring equipment to remotely monitor the status and health of the rectifiers. $155,000
SCADA/PLC Upgrade at the Pump Station This project is being carried over from FYE23. The existing Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) at the pump station is almost 20 years old and is near the end of its useful life. It is an OPTO22 system and needs to be upgraded to Allen Bradley PLC to match the PLCs used by DSRSD. An upgrade to the OPTO22 system at the San Leandro Pump Station is already complete. This is a complex project that requires engineering design, equipment, installation, and construction support. Upon completion the system will be consistent with that of DSRSD improving operation and performance. $300,000
Pipeline Inspection This project is being carried over from FYE23. One of the recommendations from the risk analysis project was to inspect portions of the pipeline and provide a report with future recommendations. The report recommended repairs on one section that will cost approximately $35-40,000. The repot also recommends continuing to inspection portions of the forcemains annually such that the entire pipeline will have been inspected within about five years. Much of this cost is for DSRSD staff. DSRSD staff has developed a plan that will be implemented this fall. $300,000
Replace seventeen valve actuators at the pump station This project is being carried over from FYE23. There are seventeen valves that have electric actuators at the pump station. All of the valves actuators were installed when the pump station was upgraded twenty years ago and they are at the end of their useful lives. The actuators will be replaced with the newest technology and will match the style that are commonly used at DSRSD. The actuators cost approximately $9,000 each and will be installed by DSRSD staff. The total cost includes staff time for the installation. $255,000
Flow meter replacement The three flowmeters at the junction structure were at the end of their useful lives and were replaced in FYE23. The project consists of any required modifications to improve flow measurement accuracy. The cost of the project includes studies and/or analyses, infrastructure modifications, new instrumentation and controls, and/or other miscellaneous improvements. $250,000
Replace Exposed Section of Livermore Pipeline The LAVWMA Livermore Pipeline conveys treated effluent from the Livermore WWTP to the LAVWMA Pump Station. A portion of the LAVWMA Livermore Pipeline (approximately Station 226+00 to approximately Station 232+00) crosses the Arroyo Mocho creek and continues running parallel along the creek. When it was constructed in 1977, the pipeline was at least 4‐feet below the bottom of the Arroyo Mocho and the section running parallel to the creek was set back at least 15‐feet from the edge of the embankment. Since that time, the Arroyo Mocho has experienced significant erosion. The recent 2022/23 storms have further exacerbated the erosion, whereby the pipe crossing is now exposed and the section of pipe running parallel to the creek is within 3‐5 feet of the edge of the embankment. The project will install a new pipeline using trenchless methods and move the pipeline away from the edge of the embankment. Costs include planning, permitting, design, and construction. A Notice of Exemption for this project has been filed with Alameda County. $7,000,000
Air/Vac Valve Assessment and Resolution at EBDA Line The project will assess entrapped air in the LAVWMA export pipeline, and provide recommendations on how to exhaust any air within the export pipeline.  The project cost includes engineering review and potential improvements, such as the installation of combination air valves. Cargill/East Bay Dischargers Authority will reimburse LAVWMA for all of the project costs. $100,000
Backup Power Improvements at the Pump Station Recent experience with PG&E unreliability and consultant studies have determined that a system for quickly connecting a portable generator capable of running up to four pumps during emergencies would help ensure continuous pumping even during storms and PG&E outages. A portable generator was tested during the storms of early 2023. However, it took at least two days to make all the connections. A generator tap box provides a safe and efficient means of connecting a portable or auxiliary power source in the event of an electrical outage. The project consists of the installation of a generator tap box  and other necessary electrical equipment, including a transformer, to facilitate the connection of a mobile rental genset at the LAVWMA Pump Station. This will allow the connection to be made within a few hours. $300,000
Other Misc. LAVWMA Renewal/Replacements As needed $50,000
Other Misc. EBDA Renewal/Replacements As needed $50,000
CIP Planning/Mgmt./Contingency As needed $50,000
Total Expenditures $9,060,000