The Livermore-Amador Valley Water Management Agency (LAVWMA) is a joint powers agency created in 1974 by the cities of Livermore and Pleasanton and the Dublin San Ramon Services District for the purpose of discharging their treated wastewater to San Francisco Bay. Operations began in September 1979 with expansions in 1983, 1987 and 2003 bringing it to its current maximum discharge capacity of 41.2 mgd. The wastewater is conveyed via a 16-mile pipeline from Pleasanton to San Leandro and enters the East Bay Dischargers Authority (EBDA) system for dechlorination and discharge through a deepwater outfall to the San Francisco Bay.

LAVWMA’s mission is to support its member agencies: Dublin San Ramon Services District, City of Pleasanton, and City of Livermore by providing cost effective operation and maintenance of all of the Agency export facilities in full compliance with federal, state, and local requirements. LAVWMA supports its member agencies in their efforts to implement comprehensive water recycling programs.


LAVWMA has no hired staff. It is managed by a contract General Manager, Levi Fuller (email), Fuller Management and Operational Process Services.

• General Counsel services are provided by Alexandra M. Barnhill (email), Partner, Jarvis, Fay & Gibson, LLP.

• Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services for the LAVWMA facilities are provided through a maintenance agreement with DSRSD, one of LAVWMA’s member agencies.

• Dan Gill (email), DSRSD Operations Director, is responsible for LAVWMA’s O&M.

• Accounting and Administrative Services are also provided by DSRSD and their staff.

• Levi Fuller (email) also serves as LAVWMA’s Treasurer.

• Sheree Davis (email), serves as LAVWMA’s Administrative Assistant.